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Since its inception in 1983, Pole to Pole Communications BV (Pole2Pole) specializes in developing high-end technical solutions for the industry. Besides that Pole2Pole has expertise in the field of Management Consultancy and Business Governance.

Succesfull Companies are often created around a well thought vision. Sales and marketing views are in place. The company is geared to launch when the product is in place. But the product still needs to be developed.

Pole2Pole forms the bridge between companies wanting to develop an innovative product and universities and production companies trying to offer their expertise to the market.


Pole to Pole Communications BV


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About us

Pole2pole is specialized in supporting companies by assisting management and convernance bodies to develop from vision into a product.

We assist companyies in the development and marketing of innovative technical solutions, with a high level of complexity. The close relations with several universities e.g. Free University of Amsterdam (VU), University of Amsterdam (UVA), University of Utrecht, Catholic University of Nijmegen, Massachusets Institute of Technology in Boston USA and with CERN in Switserland make it possible to create innovative products.

These products may include state of the art modules that are available on the market or the products may include parts to be researched before being taken into production. Pole2Pole has found the optimal fit for the two.